Welcome to KILICLIMB 2018:

Destination Transformation! 


September 21st - October 3rd, 2018  (CLIMB & SAFARI)



On this trek you will meet with 8-plus days of self-discovery, deepening your relationship with your creative center and life transformation.

This trek is both a retreat for the soul and a space to return to your infinite power, so that you can return home ready to make the shifts necessary to get closer to the life you've always wanted to lead.

What makes this trip different from any other climb you will find up Mt. Kilimanjaro is the teaching and application of wellness tools, sacred arts practices and creative exercises to help guide you in the process of soul healing and spiritual transformation.  

Please join Stephanie Mtui, aka "Badger," shareholder of Dirty Freedom Adventures Limited, her husband and Dirty Freedom owner Larick, aka "RG3," lead professional climber and mountain guide, and Jacquelyn Tierney, fine art photographer and magic maker extraordinaire, for a trek to your transformation and ultimate dirty freedom!



this adventure was created for the woman who...

...knows she is meant for bigger things in her life,

...is ready to release the energetic and physical weight from years of stress,

...feels a burning fire in her gut and soul that her life needs radical change,

...is ready to put herself first for once,

...conquer her fears,

...live the life of her dreams,

...and find her Dirty Freedom!

is that you?

trip details


When:September 21st - 29th, 2018

It is suggested that you arrive on the 20th-21st in order to acclimate your body. The trek will actually begin on the 22nd of September.

We will be climbing the Lemosho Route, a Kilimanjaro favorite, because of its longer acclimation time (eight days) and gentler slope.

If you are participating in safari only, you will arrive no later than September 29, 2018 to start your safari on September 30, 2018.


Cost per person: $3995 (Climb only)

(based on double occupancy / for a single hotel room and tent, an additional $400 applies). 


Optional (but highly recommended) SafariSeptember 30th - October 3, 2018

Cost per person: $2300 if done in conjunction with the climb; $2800 if safari only.  Add $400 for a single occupancy hotel in Arusha on September 29, 2018 plus airport transfers)

All prices for the safari itself are for a double occupancy. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate single tents or rooms on the safari.

All prices given in USD

Where:Check-in during the evening of September 21st. (nOTE:  YOU CAN MAKE PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS WITH US FOR AN ADDITIONAL NIGHT FOR AN EXTRA COST OF $99 PER climber.)

Airlines from the US that fly into KIA: Delta/KLM (usually shortest), Emirates, Turkish, or Ethiopian.  Go to a travel website and pop in your information to find available flights/airlines.  We will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your hotel.

Depart on the evening of October 3rd with a night flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), or continue your trip with a flight to Zanzibar!  Check with Dirty Freedom Adventures if you want to add a Zanzibar excursion.

Those participating in safari only will arrive no later than September 29, 2018, overnight in Arusha, and depart from Arusha Municipal Airport on September 30.  Of course, you can arrive earlier, but you will need to book additional accommodations.  Just tell us what you want, and we will arrange it for you.

Food + Lodging WHILE CLIMBING: Tent Style!

Meals are delicious, nutritious, and appropriate for the activity. A typical breakfast could be toast and eggs in the morning, followed by a mid-day break for lunch. Dinner consists of starchy carbohydrates (rice, pasta, etc.) with meat sauce for added endurance and a protein.  You will bring snacks and hydration in your day pack to keep you energized through the day.

*Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meal options are available and can be specified in the registration form at the bottom of this page.

For Who: We welcome anyone from all walks of life who is interested in outdoor adventure, creative inspiration, and travel.

You don't need to be a professional creative (photographer, painter, illustrator or writer) OR climber to come, but part of our time together will be devoted to studying the landscape and capturing it's beauty in the medium of your choice. 

Included:  (Full details here.)

- all meals and water during the climb.  You bring your own snacks and electrolyte powder. 

- transportation during retreat and optional safari

- your tents (gear lists will be provided; you will have the option of renting certain items)

- lodging the night before we head to the mountain and on the night we return (except for safari only clients; we can add additional nights for $99 per night, double occupancy; add an additional $300 for single occupancy)

- activities + lessons on the mountain (daily meditations, creative + Kiswahili language practicums and local tribal dance instruction (all optional)

- gift bag of mountain essentials

- one on one creative consultation with Jacquelyn to discuss personal or professional artistic goals


Not Included: Airfare or transportation to and from the retreat; hotel accommodations after safari for safari clients only (one night plus airport transfers in Tanzania can be included for $400 total.  Full details here.

Cancellation Policy:  Please know you can make it before booking!

We do not accept cancellations, and your purchase is non-refundable unless you can find someone to take your place! 

additional details:

Registration for this trek closes July 15, 2018.  For those registering less than three months before the departure date of September 22, 2018, your full payment will be due immediately upon registration.

We will be providing information about insurance, visas, immunizations, and other useful stuff in the near future after you register and pay. 



 Badger getting her dirty on with photographer extraordinaire and Kilimanjaro climbing partner Marion Rohe Kaufer of Marion Photography in Tucson, AZ.  See more about Marion  here !

Badger getting her dirty on with photographer extraordinaire and Kilimanjaro climbing partner Marion Rohe Kaufer of Marion Photography in Tucson, AZ.  See more about Marion here!

stephanie mtUI (aka Badger)

Habari yako? ("How are you?" in Kiswahili)

I'm Stephanie, more commonly known as "Badger" or the "Honey Badger." I come from a small orchard town in Eastern Washington called Selah, but I spent a significant time living and working in the Seattle area.  I am a trial lawyer, a musician, and a lover of all things simple and joyous.  I am learning about the art of self-care and living life fully.

My life was fairly ordinary until April 2016.  On a rainy morning, I received an email asking for women to apply to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Heather Thomson (for more info, see my September 3, 2016 blog post on my site badgerblogspot.com).  While climbing with our incredible team, I forgot that I was a lawyer for a little while and immersed myself in nature and teamwork: two things I love. 

For me, the story didn't end after reaching Uhuru Peak. I had the good fortune of pairing up with professional Chief Guide "RG3", a Kilimanjaro native and Kilimanjaro expert extraordinaire. RG3 and I became good friends, and I owe my life to him for safely getting me to the summit.  RG3 and I have been a happy couple since our trek in 2016, and we want to share the Kilimanjaro experience and Tanzania with others.  We are now newlyweds, married February 14, 2018, in Zanzibar! 

In case you’re wondering, no, my parents did not name their child “Badger.” One of my law colleagues gave me that nickname over 10 years ago, and it stuck. My goal is to impart a little bit of badger in everyone who comes to climb Kilimanjaro with Dirty Freedom Adventures. Karibuni!  Welcome!


jacquelyn tierney

Hey there love!

I'm Jacquelyn, born and raised in NJ, but have been blessed to call New York, Colorado, Italy and Australia my "homes." Traveling and being on the move and in the outdoors are #nonnegotiables for me. I have been to 28 countries and 34 states and counting. My current home base is in North Carolina and wherever my car takes me.

I've been an artist all my life with an academic background in printmaking and decorative arts history. My camera has saved me more than once through life's twists and turns, and it's helped carry me to places beyond my dreams. Since 2010, I've trained in a wide breadth of sacred arts and energetic healing practices -- that I'll be serving up on the mountain to help you make the bigger shifts in your life happen! Super stoked for this trek and to meet you, my fellow adventurer!


Click here to register for your transformation.  

IMPORTANT: As noted above, we cannot accept cancellations.  In order to be considered a registered participant, you must complete the online form and pay your deposit payment ($1,500 for climb only, $2,650 for climb and safari combined, and $1,600 for safari only).

*For those who register before March 31st, 2018, you have until April 1st, 2018 to send in your deposit. For registrations on or after April 1st, 2018, your deposit must be submitted within 24 hours of your online registration. 

*Your remaining balance for the climb and safari is fully due on or before July 15th, 2018. Official Registration closes July 15th, 2018, and later bookings may be denied. Because Dirty Freedom is required to book resources in Tanzania early, it is imperative that we have your registration and payments ON TIME. You will also be required to sign Dirty Freedom's contract for services. If you do not meet these requirements or pay by the specified dates above, we reserve the right to dismiss you from the journey.