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mt. meru

days: 3 or 4

In addition to Kilimanjaro, we highly recommend a trek of Mt. Meru, located in Arusha National Park.  Although Mt. Meru's elevation is "only" 4,565 meters (14,980'), don't underestimate her!  The slope is steeper, and it is unrelenting.  However, like Kilimanjaro, it doesn't require any technical climbing skills--just hard work and determination.

Mt. Meru is usually climbed in four days, though it can be reduced to three for fast climbers.  You will stay in huts each night as opposed to tents. Mt. Meru is a great training mountain for Kilimanjaro if you have the time, or just enjoy it as a single trek.  If you want more information, feel free to contact us.  An itinerary follows.

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4-Day Mt. Meru Itinerary

On Day One, you will start your Mt. Meru journey in Arusha National Park at the Momella Gate.  The climate zone is rain forest, and this habitat will give you opportunities for viewing buffalo, giraffes, zebra, warthogs, impalas, monkeys, and other magnificent wild animals. Because of the possibility of having a close encounter with local wildlife, an armed park ranger will accompany us.  The slope climbs steadily upward until you reach Miriakamba Hut for your overnight. 

On Day Two, after breakfast you will start your journey to Saddle Hut.  On the way, you will enjoy beautiful views of Lake Momella, more wild animals, and Arusha.  The terrain changes from rain forest to heath.  You will eat lunch at Saddle Hut.  After lunch, you have the option to hike to Little Mt. Meru, with nice views of lush green plantations. After dinner and a nap, your staff will awake you at around midnight or 1:00 am to start your summit bid.

Day Three is summit day.  The trail to the summit is steep until you reach the summit of Socialist Peak.  Before we depart, we will celebrate, take advantage of photo ops, and enjoy the fantastic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and surrounding areas before down climbing to Miriakamba Hut for the night. 

Day Four is a relatively fast descent back to Momella Gate on the same trail we utilized ascending.  At the gate, your guide will prompt you for tips.  We recommend giving your personal porter $8 to $10 per day, the cook $12 to $15 per day, and your guide $18 to $20 per day. Tips are collected at brunch by your local guide.



3-Day Mt. Meru Itinerary

The three-day itinerary is the same as the four-day except for on day three, you will descend all the way to Momella Gate without an overnight at Miriakamba Hut.


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