Choosing Your Route

We offer you the opportunity to climb seven routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. The
routes vary in difficulty and length of trip, but you should plan on a minimum of six days for proper
acclimation to altitude. Historically, our guides advise that seven days' minimum is best. Below is a general
description of each route. 

For an additional cost, we can customize a route to meet your specific needs. If you
want more information or assistance in choosing a route, we encourage you to contact us.

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If you're not interested in climbing a full Kilimanjaro route but want to experience it, we offer day hikes and overnight hikes up to certain destinations.  Contact us for more information.



1.  Machame ("whiskey route")

days:  7

No, we do not sell or serve whiskey on the Machame Route, a popular route on Kilimanjaro.  It is nicknamed the "Whiskey Route" because it is more difficult than other routes, such as Marangu ("Coca Cola Route") or Rongai. It is best if you have some hiking or climbing experience before you attempt Machame, but trust me:  it is doable, because the Honey Badger did it!  Read more here...


2. lemosho

days: 8

The Lemosho Route is a Kilimanjaro favorite because of its longer acclimation time (eight days) and gentler slope.  The Lemosho Route starts at the Londorossi Gate on the west side of the mountain.  You will spend your first day climbing to Mti Mkubwa Camp ("Big Tree Camp"). On the way to your first camp, you will traverse cultivated and native forests.  You will likely see white and black Colobos monkeys, as well as blue monkeys.  The slope for day one is gentle, with little difficulty.  Just a few hills here and there. Read more here...


3.  Marangu ("Coca cola route")

days: 6

As mentioned above, the Marangu or "Coca Cola Route" is considered to be easier than the Machame "Whiskey Route," thus it is nicknamed after a soft drink instead of hard alcohol.  The Marangu is another of the tribal groups in the larger Chagga tribe from the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.  There are several other subsets in the Chagga tribe, including one that is discussed in the Machame route information.  Your very own RG3 hails from the Marangu sect of the Chagga tribe.  Read more here...


4.  rongai

days: 7

The Rongai Route is unique because it is the only one that approaches from the North, near the Kenyan border. Here, you can find members of the Chagga tribe living in the foothills behind Kilimanjaro.  Although Rongai can be done in six days, we recommend doing it in seven to increase your chances of summiting.   However, if you are hell-bent on doing it in six, we can arrange it for you.   Read more here...


5.  umbwe

days: 6

Umbwe is not for the faint of heart.  Though it is similar to Machame, it is much steeper and more rugged, and therefore we recommend that only experienced, very fit climbers attempt this route. It also does not offer much opportunity to acclimate to high altitude.  Although we have listed it as a six-day route, it can be done in seven, depending on whether you want to summit via Barafu Camp or the Western Breach.  Read more here...



days: 9

For those with a little more time to spend on the mountain, the Northern Circuit is a great choice, allowing more time for acclimation and summit success.  The route starts by following the Lemosho Route via the Londorossi Gate in West Kilimanjaro.  You spend the first few days in the beautiful Shira area, after which the route heads north, with a summit from the east.   Read more here...


7.  shira

days: 6

The Shira Route is similar to Lemosho but only lasts six days instead of eight.  Naturally, this means your chances of summit success drop.  However, the route is generally easy, with shorter distances and a shorter summit night.  Climbers should note that if the Arrow Glacier approach is used, there is an important restriction:  You must proceed to the summit; it is very difficult to go backwards because it is too steep.  Read more here...










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