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Memmy Staber is a fabulous personal trainer located in North Carolina, who climbed Kilimanjaro with us in 2016.  So with Memmy, you not only get personal training geared to mountain climbing, but you also get someone who's been there and done that!  Plus, she's just a hoot to be around.

Here is Memmy's contact info.  Give her a buzz, and tell her we sent you.


Facebook:  @RemembranceStaber

Instagram:  @fabforfit


auden lewis, auden lewis fit (seattle/bellevue)

The Honey Badger had the pleasure of training with Auden in the months leading up to her climb.  Not can she only vouch for the "pleasurable" experience (not!) of being pushed in your workout until you collapse, but she can also attest to the results. Honey Badger made it all the way to the summit!  Not only that, but Auden is a cool guy who has a great sense of sadistic humor. My favorite expressions were, "Badger, go GIT that!!" and "Step up that mountain!!"  And I did!  If Auden can't get you ready for Kilimanjaro, no one can.

Auden's contact information is located on his website.  Go GIT that!!!