Happy New Year from Dirty Freedom Adventures!

As I await the coming of 2018 (happening in one hour East African Time), I've been reflecting much about what has happened this year.  You've heard the expression, "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."  That pretty much sums up 2017 for me.  It was the worst mainly because my mother died.  Tonight is a hard evening for sure, as I am waiting for her annual "happy new year" call, which won't be coming.  I've also had some pretty bad "medical" events, which you can see on my blog (www.badgerblogspot.com), but I have emerged generally unscathed and raring to go in true honey badger fashion!

But with Life's Safari comes good.  Lots of it.  2017 witnessed the birth of Dirty Freedom Adventures!  I'm very excited to be able to pass on my experience climbing Kilimanjaro and going on safari in beautiful Tanzania with anyone who wants to do it.  And believe me:  Anyone can do it.  Kilimanjaro is not a technical climb.  With good training and preparation, most will be well-equipped to see the summit.  Our guides and staff will do everything possible to make your trip safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.  But more importantly, you will add a life experience that is difficult to duplicate.  You will carry the images of Kilimanjaro and its people with you for the rest of your life. And as for safari--well, if you can sit, you can do THAT.  :-)  Of course, my recommendation is that you do both:  Climb, then descend to the Serengeti and check out the simba (lions) running around just feet from your safari vehicle!

After having the good fortune to see what I've seen in Africa, I can't imagine life now without it.  And I can't believe that before signing up for my trek in 2016 that Africa wasn't even on my bucket list!  If it's not on yours, put it there, and aspire to come here and experience the rooftop of Africa and it's surrounding treasures.

Reflecting on the past of 2017 also reminds me that I need to look to all that is good in the present and prepare for a wonderful 2018.  Though I obviously don't know precisely what's in store for me and Larick, I do know that I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family and friends. I have also learned to try to accept whatever comes in Life's Safari, as there is no such thing as a grief-free life.  And despite the grief that will assault us all at some point (over and over again), we have a choice on how we greet and hold (or let go) of that grief.  Every day I have a goal to accept what comes:  some things I'll like, some things I won't.  But I have the full capacity and option to say, "I am happy with what I have." 

We know Kilimanjaro, and we'd love to help you get to know her, too.  Best wishes for a happy 2018.  Onward and upward!

-Badger OUT